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Council Directive 2002/55/EC on the marketing of vegetable seed.

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This Directive makes provision on the production with a view to marketing, and the marketing of vegetable seed within the Community. Vegetable seed intended for export to third countries does not fall within the application scope. Member States shall provide that vegetable seed may not be certified, verified as standard seed and marketed unless the variety is officially accepted in one or more Member States. Each Member State shall establish one or more catalogues of the varieties officially accepted for certification, verification as standard seed and marketing in its territory. The catalogues shall be subdivided according to varieties as provided in article 3 (2). A variety shall be accepted only if it is distinct, stable and sufficiently uniform. In the case of a genetically modified variety the variety shall be accepted only if all appropriate measures have been taken to avoid adverse effects on human health and the environment. Annex I lays down conditions for crop certification, whilst Annex II deals with conditions to be satisfied by the seed. Annex IV is concerned with labelling.
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An unofficial consolidated version of this Directive (as amended last by Commission Implementing Directive 2020/177 of 11 February 2020) is available as well.
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Official Journal L 193, 20 July 2002, pp. 33-59.
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