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Water Act.

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This Act regulates the ownership and management of waters and the ownership of water development systems and facilities. It's objectives are to create conditions for: integrated management of water; supply of good quality surface and groundwater; reduction of pollution of waters; protection of surface waters and groundwater and waters of the Black Sea; elimination of pollution of the marine environment with natural or synthetic substances; reduction of discharges, emissions and loss of priority and hazardous substances.
The Act is divided into 12 Chapters and 203 articles. The Chapters deal with the following: General dispositions (1); Right to ownership of water, water sites and water development systems and facilities (2); Use of waters and water sites (3); Authorization scheme (4); Concession scheme (6); Predial servitudes involving water bodies (7); Protection of waters and water sites (8); Protection against water related damage and loss (9); Water management (10); Financial arrangements and economic regulation (11); Management, planning and construction of water supply and sewerage systems. Single information system on water supply and sewerage services. Registration of water supply and sewerage associations and of water and sewerage utilities (11A); administrative penal liability and civil liability (12).
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The Act enters into force on 28 January 2000.
Consolidated version of the Water Act of 1999 as substantially amended in 2006 and last amended and supplemented, SG No. 102/8 of December 2023.
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Bulgaria 67/1999-17/2021
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