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Law on plant protection products.

Type of law

This Law regulates the method of classification, registration, distribution and use of plant protection products and active substances, including the rules defining the maximum permissible level for residues of plant protection products, methods of keeping registers and records, information exchange and other issues of importance for plant protection products on the territory of the Republic of Montenegro.
This Law further prescribes the necessary manner for registration of plant protection products containing, consisting and or derived from genetically modified organisms (if the their use if approved as safe).
The Law is divided into XIII Chapters and 58 articles. Chapters are the following: Basic provisions (I); Trade (II); Registration (III); Authorized legal entities/corporates (IV); Provision of services (V); Devices for use of plant protection products (VI); Import (VII); Jurisdiction of administrative bodies (VIII); Information and record-keeping (IX); Fees and costs (X); Inspection (XI); Penalty provisions (XII); Transitional and final provisions (XIII).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force eight days after its publication in the Official Gazette.
Containing all amendments, including the August 2011 publications.
Publication reference
Official Gazette of Montenegro 51/2008
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Zakona o sredstvima za za titu bilja.
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